Update on the upcoming NavDB v0.5.0 release

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The next beta version of NavDB is scheduled to arrive by the end of June 2019. Major changes include a new, but experimental relational model, initial support for the PostgreSQL wire protocol and an updated libnav library.

The relational model in v0.5.0 has many limitations for now and is not intended for general use. However it will make the internal datastores in NavDB into tables that can be queried by the user. This includes tables for the key-value store which can be queried with SQL.

The database server can now recover from an aborted process faster and without user intervention. The C++ code has also been updated to use exceptions for better error handling.

Libnav, the C/C++ library used by both the server and C/C++ clients has also been updated to v0.5.0 with fixes for SCRAM authentication and new classes to support the PostgreSQL wire protocol with the aim to eventually enable PostgreSQL clients to connect to NavDB servers.

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