NavDB C Client API (version 0.5)

The C API uses Objet-oriented Programming (OOP) with structs to represent classes. Pointers to these structs are objects. Objects are used as the first parameter in each function call (besides the new function). Most functions are wrappers to the class functions from the C++ client.



  • Example 1: SET, GET and DEL a key. Shows how to set persisted and temporary keys.

  • Example 2: SET multiple keys with a prefix, use the KEYS command to get all keys with a specified prefix, and print the StringGrid results to the console.



Core client classes:


Query-related classes:

  • Results: Used to return the results of a NavDBClientApi call to the server.

  • LinkedList: Used when results from the server are returned as a linked list.

  • LinkedListNode: Used to store data in a LinkedList.

  • StringGrid: Used when results are a grid of strings.